Full moon syndrome

I get sick, just like everyone.  I just happen to get colds a lot. At least once a month.  If it’s not a cold, it’s a headache.  If it’s not a headache it’s a runny nose.  Or a cough.  Or a sore throat.  Or sinus infection.  Overkill? Yeah, I thought so too.  I don’t get horribly sick, in fact I rarely get a temperature over 100 degrees.  I haven’t vomited in approximately 15 years, and I’m completely serious about that.  So that fact clearly demonstrates that I don’t get too sick.  Just enough to knock me on my ass for a day or two.

What’s all this got to do with the title?  Well, go back to the “once a month thing.”  A few months ago, Amanda made the observation that these colds of mine always line up with the full moon.  Now the opening was too good to waste, so I had to take it: “Oh crap!  I’ve been found out!” I exclaimed.


Google, again. I should start doing these myself...

No, I don’t turn into a  vicious monster every month… Okay, that’s a lie…  But I don’t sprout a tail and fur and lope around forests during the full moon.  As awesome as that would be.

Well this observation has turned into a running joke.  Of course I’m no werewolf.  Or were-anything for that matter.  And I’ve even started noticing when I get sick.  To my surprise, she was right!  It is every full moon!  Or around it, a few days before, a few days after.  Even as I type, I have a runny nose and have been sneezing all morning.  Check the calendar?  Oh, yep full moon.

I don’t really know what to make of this, shall we call it, coincidence? It’s weird, certainly, but logically, there can’t be anything about it.

Well, come to find out I’ve actually scared a few of Amanda’s roommates.  She mentioned this observation to them, probably joking and laughing about it.  Apparently, it scared them!  Why?  I don’t know, but it’s highly amusing. Note to self to howl around them every once in a while.

I hope everyone enjoys the full moon tonight.  It’s supposed to be a rare one, bigger and brighter than usual.  Unless you’re in my state where it’s cloudy and grey.  We might not see it.  Meh, Washington…

-“Werewolf” Rune

One response to “Full moon syndrome

  1. I dunno about you, but the moon didn’t seem any bigger or brighter to me last night, even once the clouds parted for a minute. Sorry, but not entirely surprised to hear that you were once again sick in tune with the lunar cycle. And yes, you definitely should howl around my rooommates, that would be hysterical. XD

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